Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Key Largo area, Florida: I Saw the Signs. Do you?

We stayed in Key Largo.  I saw the signs as we explored the area on Route 1.  I made my boyfriend stop so I could take photos. I made him do U-turns.  I stood in the middle of the street.  I wanted to memorialize the fact that I saw the signs. 

Before you see the signs, follow the road signs properly if you are driving to the Keys from somewhere in South Florida (e.g., West Palm or Fort Lauderdale).  Do not miss the signs for the Florida Turnpike and how to stay on the Turnpike (like me...ugh).  If you do, you'll endure downtown Miami traffic and parts of Miami that have a traffic light every ten feet. Makes for a slow and frustrating drive to a destination that is all about kicking back and relaxing.

Okay, back to the signs.  Here are signs (1) through (12B). I had a good reason to use (12A) and (12B).  No monkeying around about that.  You'll see.

(1) A sign that lobsters in the Keys are much larger than those in Maine.  Maybe it's the year-round warm weather that makes these monsters.

(2) A sign of the recession or a sign that its owners are snowbirds who had not yet returned for "season."  This Key Lime Pie house in Islamorada (just south of Key Largo) with inviting signage was closed.  Key Lime Pie may trace its origins back to the Florida Keys. 

(3) A sign of confusion, perhaps.  This seemed out of place to me for the Keys. 

(4) A sign of an important activity taking place in the Keys.  Make reservations well in advance to swim with the dolphins.

(5) A sign that you are somewhere tropical with great scuba diving opportunities.

(6) Another sign of important work done in the Keys.  Information about visiting is on the sign.

(7) A sign that mermaids are real.  Meet Lorelei.  They are larger than we thought. And in the recession, they are earning extra money by offering sponsorship opportunities on their tails.

(8)  A sign that mailboxes can be found in shapes and forms other than a manatee or dolphin in Florida.  A sign also that someone at this Diving Museum is pushing the theme to the edge (of their property line).

(9) A sign that you are in the Keys, just in case you weren't sure.  Kitchy and bright shell shacks for your shopping pleasure.

(10) A sign of a popular food in the Keys - conch.  I think this could be mistaken for a particular female body part too.  Just saying.  And, yes, that is me "swimming" at Theater of the Sea.

 (11) A sign of where we stayed in Key Largo (  I would stay again.  Here's my TripAdvisor review to learn more:

(12A) A sign of what scared me almost into a tree.  Someone with a sense of humor at this bird sanctuary placed this fellow here.  This sanctuary is a hidden treasure.  Well worth the visit.  They ask for a $5.00 donation per person, which was reasonable.

(12A) A sign that I was really at this wonderful bird sanctuary and not back at the Safari Lounge (sign #3, above)

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  1. Key Largo is great because it's not such a big trip for those of us in Boca or Delray. I'd forgotten how funny those signs are - and I KNOW they have GREAT Key Lime pie there!