Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jodhpur, India: The Blue City, blue, blue, cow!

 Here we are at "J" in my alphabetical way of sharing the world with you.  We've visited Africa, Belgium, Costa Rica, Dublin, Egypt, Fiji and the Grand Canyon, with some surprises sprinkled in.  


Jodhpur, India is the blue city.  I visited here in December 2011. 

 Apparently, monkeys read the newspaper in Jodphur.


We stayed in a  500 year old home, Singhvi's Haveli (  The location was excellent, as was the food (all vegan).  Staying in a distinct and historical family home was terrific.

The wood ceiling, reflecting mirror work behind the bed and wall paintings drew my attention.  I loved our room, except for the pigeons.  They weren't in the room with us, but close enough.  Pigeons talk loud and often.

Door to our room.  Padlock for the lock.

That's me on an unusual swing, again.  (See Fiji post for more swing action).  This common area outside of our room at Singhvi's Haveli was bright and fun.

Quick stop for a chat and maybe some food?  Not me.  I just stopped for the photo.


Surrounded by Jodhpur's blues, is Ghee. Ghee is a butter used often in Indian cooking. Clever way to heat it.









Looking at these pretty colors distracted me.  I learned that I could step in cow dung, or into a cow, at any moment.

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