Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shadow Box Your Souvenirs

A shadow box is a great way to share the story of where you've been or what has meaning for you. In one contained area you can display the world.  Your shadow box can tell and start conversations about your travels.  Another perk to buying shadow box items - they're easy and light on the luggage and generally easy on the wallet.

I received my shadow box as a teen.  It is fluid, changing with my experiences.   I've collected coins, pins, rings, dollhouse items, mini figurines, a stuffed animal, a key chain and more.  Some inhabitants are from Tanzania (Africa), Las Vegas, Disney World (Florida), Rhode Island, Greece, Paris, Italy, New York, and Monaco. Can you find those or guess which they are?  

What are your thoughts about collecting travel memories this way?  How do you display your souvenirs? 

Here's a closer look at and explanation for some of the other inhabitants:

The pin resting on the top is from
Oktoberfest (as is Paul, the snake).   We were there for the 200 year anniversary.  The event featured a separate section of "historical Oktoberfest," which is where I received this pin upon entry.

Also on the top of my shadow box is a Buddha from Thailand and a dragon from Vietnam.

Two other fellows telling the tale of where I've been are the gladiator from Rome and the Inuit from Alaska. 

This key chain is from Gruyere, Switzerland.  I went because of the cheese.  Tasty. Here, I was also shocked to find a store in the village town with music boxes like the one my parents brought me from Switzerland when I was little. 


 An artist created this heart for me as I walked up the hill to Gaudi's Park Guell in Madrid. Ever walked that hill?  Phew.

A historical home in Amsterdam.  This one is circa 1392.  I watched in amazement once as a pulley system moved a resident's furniture into the home through a second floor window.  Homes like these are two narrow to maneuver furniture up the stairs.

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