Sunday, July 24, 2016

44th Space Congress (rockets, astronauts, Mars and a welcoming community)

Space Congress. What is it? 

Space Congress® provides a forum for presentation of technical papers, provides exposure to eminent speakers, and holds distinguished panel sessions in the aerospace and allied disciplines. It forges a bond between the member societies in support for the interchange of technical, scientific, and engineering information that benefits engineers, scientists, educators, students and other professionals on the Space Coast. 

After 44th Space Congress, I was energized, curious, engaged and felt welcome in the community. Each of the three days included panel discussions and solo speakers, lunch, social events and access to the exhibit hall (Kennedy Space Center (KSC) contractors and other persons contributing to the space exploration industry). Attendees and participants were friendly and open to discussions about their experiences and the industry. 

The brain power at this event was astonishing. I had lunch with rocket scientists. That's no joke.  Neither were their excellent senses of humor. Chatting with the professionals at 44th Space Congress was educational and enjoyable. 

Enticing swag covered exhibit hall tables. I might have gotten too excited over the little bottles of hand sanitizer. To be fair to the happy face full of post-its, polar bear and rocket, I had just run out.

One of the highlights of the three-day event was a banquet featuring Buzz Aldrin as the keynote speaker.  This cost extra, but I was glad to attend. Mr. Aldrin spoke with passion, energy and excitement about space; particularly, Mars. Here's my Twitter posting from that night:

I am in the same room with a man who walked on the Moon.

These are our tickets:

What events have you attended that excited or inspired you?

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