Monday, April 18, 2016

Snakes at Airports? Research Shows: Yes

In addition to writing this blog, I write middle grade novels (novels for 8 - 12 year olds). I have been working on a scene that involved my main character making a snake suddenly appear in the airport while seated at the gate waiting to board her flight.  There was discussion with my writing group about whether people at this particular airport (Atlanta) would freak out at the sight of a snake.

I researched snakes in airports and watched videos online. Some headlines are as follows:

- Ten-foot snake found at Key West airport (Python).

- Snake found on a Qantas plane at Sydney airport, forcing delay.

- 250 poisonous snakes found in luggage at airport (In Argentina police spotted the reptiles in the X-ray scanner, all packed inside plastic containers, bags and even socks).

- 'Snakes on a plane': deadly serpent found by Dubai airport staff (African puff adder found inside the plane during a routine pest inspection).

- Bangkok airport apologizes for snake found on luggage cart.

- Name your poison: 'Snake wine' seized at airport (Having been to Vietnam (a terrific trip), I'll let this one go).

- Snakes in the pants: Man arrested after trying to board flight with reptiles in his trousers (The man wound the reptiles in pantyhose and put them down his pants. Shaking my head at this one. The charges brought against him: habouring animals in unnatural habitat).

A couple of extras:

- Snake bites woman when trying to kiss it (The snake latched its fangs into the woman's nose. She ended up with stitches. I'd end up in counseling).

- Man caught trying to board plane with monkey in his pants (I had to include this. I mean really...)

Bottom line for me, a snake is a snake is a snake and cause for extreme freak out.

What is the freakiest live animal encounter you've had at an airport (or at any time while traveling)?