Saturday, May 4, 2013

Z is for Zombie Bride in Las Vegas

I started this blog, Crazy Travel Adventures By Debra, with the letter A for Amsterdam and have traveled the alphabet with each post to arrive now at Z.

Just a month ago, I was a zombie bride in Las Vegas. Not a brain eating, weird walking, grunty, poorly dressed zombie. Nope. I was a sleep deprived, sick with sinus infection, belly a wreck, snap at your family and fiance, and not really want to eat anything at all, zombie. My transformation into zombie bride came from all the wedding planning and bride obligations. By the time we arrived in Las Vegas (and perhaps even before), I was full on zombie bride.

There is a cure for zombie bride--have a phenomenal Las Vegas wedding.  Here's the story...

People who came in contact with the zombie bride before the wedding may have chosen different words for the pin she wore (everywhere) for the three days before the wedding. She thought this captured her perfectly, even if she did froth at the mouth when vendors messed things up or didn't return her calls.

Someone must have tipped off Total Experiences of her zombie-ness' arrival. Waiting in the room from Total Experiences, which booked the rooms and secured our group rate, was a gift: more alcohol than two people should have in one room, chocolate covered strawberries, and Red Bull. Not sure why anyone would treat a zombie to energy. Maybe it was an attempt to eradicate the constant state of sleep deprived fog shrouding the brain as a part of the zombie bride condition.

Some people thought the zombie bride might be tempered some by a few of these, sold at the check out counter of a convenience store in Paris, the hotel chosen for the bride and groom and guests. Though she had never seen jello shots sold pre-packaged before, she resisted the proposed treatment.

The zombie bride syndrome receded slightly once the pretty white dress came out.


When she put the dress on, signs of her former humanity began to appear. She felt wonder. The moms and matron of honor in the bridal zombie's room felt hopeful.

But it wasn't enough. At Graceland Wedding Chapel, she was shackled with some amazing looking bling. Her heart thumped in her chest and light filled her eyes.

The King's appearance after "I do" brought laughter to the zombie bride and all in his presence. The zombie bride was nearly gone. He knew it was a job well done.

But as it always goes, true love's kiss is what conquers all. Out of the zombie bride emerged a euphoric (and human) Mrs.

A delicious gluten-dairy free cake from Pastry Palace in Las Vegas served at a scrumptious reception provided by Mon Ami Gabi warmed her belly. For a moment though, she thought she might lose her groom to sugar vampirism--see how he approached the target?

Viva Las Vegas! (and zombie brides everywhere)


  1. I felt like I was there w/the webcast and all the pictures. It was a lovely wedding and you were a beautiful bride with a handsome groom.

  2. Very beautiful pics! The wedding decoration looks awesome and your event coordinator has done good work. I am very overwhelmed with the theme of wedding arrangement. Really impressive!! I must say I have never seen in any of Las Vegas Weddings I attended in my life till now.