Saturday, December 15, 2012

Serengeti, Africa: Plenty of Tent Area Action

We used EASTCO for our Tanzania safari ( I did a lot of research before booking with this company. They did an incredible job for a price that didn't break the bank.

As a part of our ten day itinerary, we spent two nights in a movable luxury tent in the Serengeti. We didn't need to leave the tent area for some great adventures.

We had hot water for showering, heated by the staff on the grounds.  The first shower was delightful.  I had plenty of time to wash my hair and even condition it. Enough water remained in the bag for my boyfriend's shower too.

The next time showering, wasn't so great. The water bag dried out mid-shampoo.  It was cold out!  I sat shivering and wet in the tent while the staff heated more water.  I was quick as can be once I could rinse off.

To your left is where the shopping bag monster schemed an attack.  Its rustlings, which sounded like someone digging around in a plastic bag, woke me from sleep.  I sent my boyfriend to investigate. The sound of human movement must have scared the monster away. My boyfriend found none.

The view out the front of our tent was lovely. We saw zebras and other animals in the distance.

Early one morning, I woke to the sound of something outside. I pushed my face to the mesh for a look.  I did not see anything, but I still heard movement. My brain must have told my vision to readjust (but neither communicated with me). I lurched back when I realized that I was looking out between a pair of legs. A giraffe was as close as could be, eating breakfast.

It moved on to the back of our tent. I snapped this photo from our shower area.

During our two nights there, we were exposed to hyenas.

The sounds of hyenas--mating sounds.  If you've not heard the sound, the best I can do is -- urrrr UUUUUOOOO ugh.  The hyenas got too close to our camp.  The staff chased them off.

Our eating tent was comfortable and the food top chef quality. EASTCO catered to my dietary restrictions.

 Eating was such a pleasant experience, that we had unexpected company.  This bug blends in doesn't it. All part of our adventures, without even leaving our tent area.

What do you think of staying in accommodations like we did in Serengeti?  Have you had adventures right outside your doorstep when traveling?

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