Friday, December 7, 2012

Rhodes, Greece: Eat Shrimp in the Shell

I went to Rhodes, Greece to visit a friend for a week.  She used to live in Florida, where we met at work. When she moved back to Greece, it took ten years for me to visit. The Internet came around at just the right time so we stayed in touch.

While my friend was at work, I caught a bus into the Old Town. There was no marked bus stop near her apartment and no time table.  I stood on the side of the road and flagged any bus that looked like a public transport bus. It took just the first morning for me to perfect the skill of bus flagging.

Once in the Old Town, I was not disappointed. I enjoy history and art, and roaming streets without thought for destination.

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I loved exploring the Palace of Knights Grandmaster Palace. You'll find beautiful architecture, furniture, pews, mosaics and candlesticks. If you want to walk the wall, make sure you double check the times it is open and purchase your tickets accordingly.

I left by way of the Knight's Alley. It was from here the unexpected greeted me.

A sleeping cat in a beautiful stairway. 

Hint: cat is white, lower right side of steps

A sleeping dog in a most peculiar position.

Yes, the dog moved. I saw it breathe and stayed until it moved.  See, its legs are not in the same place in the photos.

I spotted this gentleman and envied his bright ride and business office.

I'm not sure that he knew about this pastel counterpart not too far away, tucked within one of the narrow Old Town roads (pun sort of intended).

I came across food I wish my boyfriend had been around to share, but this was a girls' week :)

The mosaics on display at the Archaeological Museum were fantastic (yeah, Rhodes' Old Town has a lot to offer). This museum has sculpture, including a gorgeous Aphrodite piece, old cannon balls, pottery and crests.

The carts filled with sponges near the bay made me nostalgic. When I was young, my parents had brought me sponges as a gift from their trip to Greece.

And, then there's the ladies who will give you a fake tattoo, for a fairly hefty price.  I decided upon a budget and managed to only receive half of my boyfriend's name.  I swear I had negotiated for the whole name.  And I certainly did not ask for a not so well hidden "ST." Hm. This "tattoo" lasted many days less than promised. Okay, I'll say it--I got tourist trapped.

After one of my days exploring Rhodes, my friend took me to Koykos. This restaurant offered great atmosphere, service and food.

I was taught to eat these tiny shrimp, shell and all.  At first I insisted on peeling each one. But soon saw the futility in that.  Crunching on them was a nice change.  This was a great meal.  My friend also introduced my to Caramelo wine. I recommend eating at Koykos.

What old towns have you explored? What surprised and delighted you?

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