Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hungary: I Think Debra Meant Hungry

Hi.  Debra is in the shower.  She left her laptop open to her blog page.  I'll write something for you.  I should tell you who I am.  Or maybe not.  I don't want to get in trouble.  Well, Debra's smart, so  I bet she'd figure it out.  My name is Rose. I am 10 years old.  I just started fifth grade. 

I grabbed a photo album off Debra's bookshelf.  She went to a place called Hungary.  Well, that's what she wrote.  I think she meant Hungry.

I think this place got its name because of this yummy looking plum pie.  I've never heard of plum pie before. Just apple and pumpkin.  Debra ate this plum pie in a city called Budapest.  I'd have just eaten all that whipped cream. 

 Wow, look at this one! 
Debra is rich! 
The word Forint is written next to the photo.  Wonder what that means.  And why does she look so...oh I get it!  Austin Powers!  Dr. Evil.  I saw that one on TV.  Crazy music in it.

I like this photo of the castle and bridge.  The lights are really pretty.  And here's another in the day time.  Debra wrote Danube River, Buda on left, Pest on right.  Ha ha. Someone thought the right side is a pest.  But, what's  Buda?

Oh boy.  Here's Debra in front of the Mathias Church in her pink pants.  She loves these pants. I heard her say they are like wearing pajamas. 


Aw, look at this poor statue man on the ground at the Buda Castle.  I wonder why no one fixes him.  He looks so sad.

 I don't hear the shower anymore.  I hope I have time to get a couple more photos in here.

Wow.   That's a big gun.

This statue is the Liberty Statue at Citadella.  I wonder if this statue and our Statue of Liberty are related.                                                  

Project "post to Debra's blog when she's not looking" - Done!  By the way, I am a character in Debra's book.  She's writing about me, Rose, and my Aunt Kate's crazy travel adventures. Cool, huh?  I'll be famous!  Oh, here she comes.  Gotta go!  Bye!


  1. El! Oh! El! Brilliant, Rose! That's the way to be sneaky. ;)

  2. Very cool, I loved Budapest when I visited there some years ago now. Hey Rose, pop back anytime, love to hear