Saturday, September 22, 2012

Grand Canyon: Even the Butt Was Majestic

I took a day trip from Sedona, Arizona to the Grand Canyon.  I had only ever seen this wonder while flying overhead on the way to California.

My first experience in Grand Canyon National Park was a butt.  Literally.  I was happy to see it even so.

When we arrived at the South Rim, I thought I saw a teradactyl.   No, not really.  Though, what I saw was a very large bird - a California Condor.  Determined to get the perfect photo, I stood still, only snapping photos.  I did this for so long that I am surprised no one mistook me for a monument.

Here's the results.  You'll notice I got the butt again.

 Luck was unusually on my side.  The clouds and rain arrived as we departed.

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