Monday, September 3, 2012

Bruges, Belgium: Bring your appetite and your curiosity

Bruges is one of my favorite places.  I took some gorgeous photos of the architecture and some unusual city layout designs.  What I didn't expect was the most amazing mussels I ever had and a french fry (potato fry) museum in a beautiful historic building housing the secret to Bruges fries.  

We were lucky to be in Bruges in September 2010, which was during the mussels season.  Our meal at Pro Deo was scrumptious.   I had a twice goat cheese baked potato appetizer with my glass of wine.  The mussels were some of the best food I've ever eaten.  Pro Deo has some really "funky" decor in the bathrooms to check out for sure.  They keep wacky hours and are busy when open.  So, if you go here, make a reservation first.

When wandering around the city a bit aimlessly (but on purpose), we came across the French Fry (potato fry) Museum ( Doesn't it look like they set up the museum in a former church?  The building is called the Saaihalle and is not a church.  It dates back to 14th century. More info on the museum's website.  We learned the secret ingredient in fries in Bruges you really want to know?  Ok, horse fat.  I was hesitant about eating fries afterward.  Not sure how true that little eyebrow raising fact is.  This was such a quirky, small museum.  We're glad we found it. 

I couldn't go to Bruges without eating chocolate!  I chocolate shop hopped.  Heaven!  I bought a touristy I heart Chocolate sweatshirt (it was cold there!).  We also went to the chocolate museum, which was well worth the visit.  (  It was here that I first learned of chocolate cannibalism (seriously - look at the photo!).

There is so much more I loved about Bruges and soooo many more photos I would love to share.  Another time!  I feel a need to dig into my chocolate stash right now.

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