Friday, August 31, 2012

Tanzania, Africa: "A" is also for Attitude

I am sneaking this photo in under "A" for Africa and Attitude.  This little girl in Tanzania, Africa clearly had great attitude. Seems in her view, I apparently did not.

I snapped this photo while on safari.  Our jeep had an issue so our guide stopped in a town for repairs.  We were on our way to Lake Manyara.

At our repair stop, we had drinks in a small bar where they had the World Cup on tv.  I thought something was wrong with their reception because of all the interfering noise. Yeah, the tv was working fine.  The noise was all the vuvuzelas!  There's the dessert Iberia provided on the flight over to celebrate the World Cup.

Our safari operator was EASTCO (  Well done.  I recommend them.  I posted a review on if you want to learn more, of just contact me directly.  (By the way, our guide bought some of those potatoes in the bucket next to the Girl With Great Attitude.  Delicious).


  1. You have had some real adventures! Aside from her you-might-die-now look ;) that child is beautiful...

  2. Great pictures. I don't travel much, but I do like to hear about others' adventures. Looking forward to checking back often ;)