Sunday, January 20, 2013

Uluru: Consider the Perimiter Walk to See Its Character

I've arrived at the letter "u" in my alphabetical posting of destinations. With three "u"s in its spelling, Uluru, in the Northern Territory of Australia, is a superstar.

I am not a morning person, but waking just before dawn to watch the sun rise over Uluru was worth the struggle. The hues of the red rock change readily with the in light. From pale to this deeper orange.


 Some in my tour chose to climb Uluru. I was more curious to walk its perimeter.  From afar, the rock looks like a smooth dome. Up close, Uluru is not shy about showing its layers and differences.

I loved the vegetation as well. 

If you visit Uluru, consider exploring it from the ground.  You won't know what to expect at each turn. The walk was peaceful, great fun and provided an opportunity for fantastic photos.

Have you chosen to view a famous site from a perspective other than what most other people choose? Were you pleased or regretful?

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