Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dublin, Ireland: Shamrocks, Ghostly Encounters and Bosoms

I spent a Fourth of July weekend in Dublin with friends.  Places were decked out with red, white and blue.  Guess, they figured to attract Americans (or that any party in a bar would attract any person interested in beer :)  

Shamrocks were easily found all around (no, not going to break out in sing song rhyme).  My favorites are the ones you see in the sandwich shop and the one creatively made on top of a freshly drawn beer at Guinness.  I couldn't try the shamrock shaped sandwich bread - they would not be so lucky for my gluten and dairy sensitivities.  As for the beer, well, I've always preferred wine and beer also has gluten. (By the way, so does soy sauce...yes, off topic).

Guinness' lease is for 9,000 years.  The document is in glass on the floor for all to see when they visit.  My attorney spidey senses were delighted by such a legal document.  Free tasting and fun, educational displays with a nice rooftop view of Dublin are also part of the Guinness visit. (

When I came across the Molly Malone statue, I wondered if the bar maids back then had double-sided clear tape sold by Victoria's Secret to hold that dress in place at the bosoms?  If not, what was their secret ?

When in Dublin, I took the Ghost Bus Tour.  (  Our
theatrically tricked out bus and animated guide brought us to St. Kevin's Graveyard.  Here, we received a lesson in body snatching.  Creepy as that was, this graveyard dating back perhaps as early as the 1200s is well kept with beautiful flowers.  Oh, and my body did not get snatched.  Phew!  But, I think I may have spotted the Green Lady!  She haunts the steps at the Church of Ireland (1190 AD), which is just inside the Dublin City Wall and Gates (1240 AD).  Green...hmmm...coincidental choice of color for a ghost in Ireland.

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