Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why this blog and where (pun intended) to begin?

I wasn't sure where to start my first blog ever.  Two things helped me decide.  

First, I'm writing a children's book based on the crazy things that have happened when I travel (more on that another time).  

Second, I have sooo many travel photos from the places I've been!   There are over 35 photos albums in my guest room.  Many of those albums have over 300 photos each.  It's a shame that they are sitting there (but not collecting dust as I am a neat freak).  So, I'll show you some and share whatever comes to mind about them.  Through my photos, you'll experience the quirks, craziness, wow factor and beauty of places.  You'll see moments that will never again be captured.  Each moment is unique, isn't it?
Where to start?  I figured I'd go alphabetical and start with "A."

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